I Provoked Him

I Provoked Him

When he saw me walking

My hips swaying side to side

My bums moving up and down

My breasts bouncing a little in all their glory

My figure, looking good to handle

He became enticed

His blood pressure went up

I provoked him

I provoked him by deciding to leave the house

I provoked him by deciding to look beautiful and feel confident

I provoked him by choosing to love him

I provoked him by simply being a woman.
I am a battlefield

He fights his wars on top of me

He faces his demons using my face

My beauty became those insecurities he could not face from childhood

My body became that toy he could never get as a child

My confidence became that boy that always tortured him

And everytime I left, I became his father.

Again, I provoked him
I am scars

I am made more of scars than skin

Scars that you will never see because they are covered by my silence

Silence brought on by society

I cannot speak about it because he was my choice

I chose him, therefore I was a fool

I chose to stay even though it was toxic

I provoked him.

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