Bring Back My Innocence

Bring Back My Innocence

Mother you said my cookie is for peeing only
You lied to me, he showed me.
We went on a journey of discovery and his fingers found the treasure
We call it a cookie but he calls it a treasure box.
It hurt a little but he said I will get used to it.
He searched for the treasure but came out with nothing
So he asked to hide his own treasure inside

He took out his treasure and I became scared
How will that big treasure fit inside my treasure box?
Oh mommy it hurt.
Not the falling off your bicycle kind of hurt, no!
His treasure sent electric shock waves throughout my body
It felt like he was breaking the treasure box
And he did because there was blood

I asked him to stop but he told me I won’t get candy
I started crying but he continued
Mother I wanted him to stop but he said my box made him happy
I wanted him to be happy, he buys me everything I want
My eyes started seeing stars
I must’ve found my treasure in the galaxy
He did mention that the adventure will take me to a different world

The treasure hunt eventually came to an end
He left some of his fortunes inside of me, he said it’s a treat for being a good girl
I couldn’t walk so he carried me to my bed and read me a story- The Pirates Treasure Story
He promised I will feel better when I wake up.
He told me I am now a woman
It still hurts so I am seeking advice from you
Woman to woman.

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